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 Youth Sexual Health

 Youth Sexual Health


How Do I Protect Myself

Abstain. Not having sex is the one good way to prevent an STI. If this is not possible, practice safe sex with consistent condom use for oral, vagina and/or anal sex. Click here to read more.


Before starting a new sexual relationship, always discuss your sexual health history with your partners. Couples who truly love each other and respect their partners will have no issues sharing. Most importantly, abstain from sex until you and your loved one are cleared from having STIs.

Once you are both screened and tested free from any infections, remember, STAY FAITHFUL. Only have 1 partner at one time. If you have many partners, you increase your risk of getting infected with STI or HIV. You're young and you have a future waiting for you to reveal its brilliance, so don't forget to protect yourself!


Cool To Say "NO"

Are you facing pressure to engage in sex? Don't really feel like getting there yet? Then brace your courage, and say "NO". You don't have give in to what people want you to do. It's totally cool to be yourself!

You probably have heard how people are trying to persuade you into having sex by telling you how much they love you. Well, if they truly do, they will respect you and your choices.

Here are some tips on how to say NO to your partners, without making them look or feel bad.

  • I really like you and I'm attracted to you, but I'm not ready yet. I'd like to wait first, of course not forever, but just not now.
  • If you love me, you won't have to ask for it.
  • I want to be loved and not make love.
  • I've made up my mind to wait, and I'd really be happy if you could help me with it.
  • There are so many ways to express our love, how about giving me a backrub (or how about me giving you a backrub)?

Just remember both guys and girls don't have to have it. If you can wait, so can your partner. Don't be angry when negotiating, instead, be firm, get up and do something else so the mood changes. Always respect yourself and your loved ones, the right person will wait for you

Don't let the moment of heat blind the fact that there is always a possibility of getting sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy.


For The Gals

Finding ways to negotiate with your guy to put on a condom? Let us share some practical tips to help you succeed.

He Says
You Say

"I'll pull it out in time"


"As soon as you are in, it's TOO late."


"If you love me, you'd agree"


"If you love me, you'll put it on"


"They don't make them big enough"


"They'll stretch"


"They are a passion killer"


"Don't worry, I am creative"


"You're my only partner"


"Let's get tested first"


"I don't have a condom with me"

"Let's go buy some now"


"They are against my beliefs"


"So is sex before marriage"

For The Dudes

Alright, guys, let's face it, you've probably heard your buddies tell you how cool it is not to wear a condom, and how wearing a condom dampens your drive and your mood. Well, there are also some of you who don't think you'll enjoy yourself because of that barrier you have on. If you really believe in all that, you are so NOT COOL.

Reasons to not wearing condoms are so passe! Moreover, times have changed and condoms are no longer the boring rubber coat they once were. These days, condoms come in so many attractive forms to suit all of your bedroom needs. So who was saying wearing condoms is boring stuff?

Don't be resistant; join the bunch of cool guys who respect their gals, and themselves. Saying no to condoms is so not cool because it gets you infected with sexually transmitted infections. These infections are harmful to your health and your body. You're young, energetic and full of life! So don't let these infections trouble you! Make the right choice and be a real winner!

Check out how to practice safe sex here and learn the right way to wearing a condom here.

Need Help?



Having questions or uncertainties about your sexual health? Don't fret because our health advisors are always ready to lend you a listening ear and provide you with advice on what you can or should do next. Just give them a ring at 1800 252 1324.

Don't bottle everything to yourself, and don't worry. The DSC counselling hotline does not require you to reveal your name, it's anonymous and we're here to hear you out.

Besides DSC's health advisors, don't forget, you can always speak to your parents or your school counsellors. Sharing your problems with your friends may be easier, but just make sure they give you accurate information and advise. Equally confused friends might just make you more confused than ever.



Do not panic. If you think you have been exposed to getting HIV or STI, you can always proceed to a local doctor for a sexual health screening. At the DSC Clinic, you will be seen by our specialist doctors and professional staff who will maintain highest privacy and confidentiality during your visit. That means, your health information and details will not be revealed to any third party without your consent.

To visit our sexual health specialist at the DSC Public Clinic, To make an appointment, please fill in the Online Appointment Form or alternatively, you may wish to call 62939648 or drop us an email at to book an appointment. The appointment call center is opened every Monday to Friday from 8am - 12pm and 1pm to 5pm.

We encourage patients to book an appointment at least 3 working days in advance.

DSC Guidebooks to STIs & Good Health

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