SMS Results Release Service
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 SMS Results Release Service

 SMS Results Release Service

What is SMS results release service?


When screening for STIs at the DSC Clinic, you will be offered with the option of receiving your test results via short message service (SMS).

The use of the mobile texting technology offers you the convenience of having your test results sent to your mobile phones as soon as they are ready.

If you wish to receive your test results through this service, kindly inform the patient service associate (PSA) at the billing counter.

What SMS should I expect?

 If you have selected the SMS results release service, you will receive a text message from DSC when your results  are ready which is between 2 to 3 weeks time.

Please refer to the following for the SMS messages you might receive:

1. Message (Normal result)
    All your laboratory test results are normal. DO NOT SMS. DSC.

2. Message (Abnormal result)
    Please call us at 62939648 for an appointment to discuss your lab results. 
    Asking you to visit us does not mean there is a problem​. DO NOT SMS. DSC.

1. Message (Immune to Hepatitis B)
    You are immune to Hepatitis B. 
    Immunisation is NOT required.

2. Message (Not Immune to Hepatitis B)
    You are not immune to Hepatitis B. 
    Please call 62939648 for an appointment @ DSC.

We do not provide detailed test results in the SMS for confidentiality reasons. If you would like to know the details, kindly visit the DSC Clinic. 

Who is eligible for the SMS service?

 The following are the requirements for the SMS Results Release Service:

1. You must hold a valid local mobile phone number.

2. Only Standard Laboratory Screening Tests that do not offer immediate results will be texted to you. Immediate results will be informed to you on the same day of your visit to the clinic.


Who is NOT eligible for the SMS service?


The following are the criteria in which the SMS Results Release Service does not apply:

1. If you have an infection and already have been given appointments to follow-up with the DSC Clinic. You would therefore need to return to the DSC Clinic for further tests or consultation.

2. If you have requested to collect your results at the clinic.

3. If you do not have any valid local mobile phone number.


Results unavailable through SMS

 The SMS Results Release Service does not apply for the following laboratory tests:

1. Pap Smear

2. Hepatitis A and C

The results for the above tests can be collected at the DSC Clinic when ready. You may also request to have your results mailed to your local home address. A consent form must be signed for this option and will be arranged by your nurse in charge during your visit.

For other non-standard laboratory test results, they can only be released to you in person. You are required to return to the clinic to collect your test results.




Q: What does the text message “All your laboratory test results are normal” mean?


A: It means that all your standard laboratory test results are normal/negative and that you are clear of the infections that you have tested for.


Q: What does the text message “Please call us at 62939648 for an appointment. Asking you to visit us does not mean there is a problem. We may need to discuss some test results with you.” mean?


A: It means that not all your laboratory results are normal/negative and you would need to return to the DSC Clinic either for treatment, a re-test or simply a session with the health advisor to understand your test result better.


Q: Can I reply/call back the SMS number to make further enquiries?


A: Please do not call us back at the SMS number as it is only used for sending outgoing SMS.


Q: Can I call back to ask for more details about my results after I receive the SMS?


A: We are unable to provide the details to you over the phone. This is to protect your privacy and the confidentiality of your results. We would need to see you in person to provide you with the details of your results.


Q: Can I request for SMS activation over the phone?


A: We are unable to accede to this request as it is difficult to verify the identity of the caller. This is done to protect your privacy.


Q: How is it possible that I receive an SMS which indicates that my results are normal and yet I have been prescribed medication by the doctor earlier?


A: In the interest of your health, our doctors may prescribe you medications based on your signs and symptoms, as well as your immediate test results on the day of your visit to the DSC Clinic. Our doctors would have explained to you that immediate tests done for you may be followed by other tests which take 2-3 weeks to be ready. The SMS which you receive refers to the non-immediate results.
Q: I received a call from the health advisor about my results though I have requested for my results to be sent via SMS. Will I still get an SMS about my test outcome?
A: If you have a positive result that requires treatment, the clinic will contact you. You will not be getting an SMS in this instance as we have already communicated to you over the phone about your results. Sending an SMS of your results to you will be unnecessary and may confuse you.
Q: I don’t recall receiving an SMS from the DSC Clinic after 2-3 weeks?
A: It could mean that you did not request for the service. For SMS activation, please approach our patient service associates at the billing counter to assist you.

In the event that you have requested for the service but did not receive an SMS, it is possible that you may have missed the SMS that has been sent to you earlier. We regret to inform you that we are unable to re-send the SMS as your record would have been closed. Please return to the DSC Clinic and our health advisors would be able to assist you with your results.

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