Truth about STI transmission
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 Truth about STI transmission

 Truth about STI transmission


Are STIs transmitted through sharing of food, utensils, toilet seats or through handshakes?

No. STIs cannot be transmitted through sharing of food, eating utensils, toilet seats or swimming pools or through shaking hands. The organisms causing STIs usually cannot survive outside the human body.

Can STIs be contracted through kissing?

Dry kissing is generally safe. Some STIs can be transmitted through deep, wet kissing. Syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and herpes may be present in the mouth/throat of infected persons. However, STIs are not commonly transmitted through kissing.

Can a person be infected with more than one STI?

Yes, this is possible and not uncommon. This is why it is always important to be tested for other STIs if you have already been diagnosed with one.

Can someone inherit an STI from his or her parents, i.e. is it a genetic disease?

STIs are acquired infections; they are not inherited. However, mothers with STIs can pass on their infection to the baby during pregnancy, delivery or breastfeeding. Early treatment of an infected pregnant mother can prevent infection in her baby.

Last updated on 10 Dec 2013
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