Condoms & Lubricants
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 Condoms & Lubricants

 Condoms & Lubricants

Condoms, when used correctly and consistently, can provide you with protection against most STIs and HIV.

Sex without lubricant can increase friction, which puts extra strain on the condom. The use of water-based lubricant makes it less likely that your condom will tear or slip off.

Oil-based lubricants weaken condoms dangerously and should not be used.

Here are some important tips when handling a condom and lubricant:

  • Look after the condom - do not leave unused condoms in direct sunlight, using old condoms, leaving space or air in the condom, not using enough lubrication and be careful of tearing.
  • Use the right kind of lubricant (water-based) and not oil-based lubricant.
  • Always expel any air by holding the teat of the condom between thumb and forefinger.
  • Unroll the condom all the way to the base of the penis when it is hard and before starting sex.
  • Apply lubricant over the outside of the whole condom. Re-apply during sex if necessary.
  • When pulling out, hold the condom tight to the base of the penis, to prevent leakage.
  • Never re-use a condom. Once it is used, throw it away and put on a new one if you start again.

If you are unsure how to put on a condom, you may refer to the following step-by-step illustrated instruction:

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