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Safe In The City Videos


Paul & Jasmine
Paul and Jasmine are ready to move their relationship to a more serious level. Paul suggests they stop using condoms, but is persuaded by Jasmine to keep being “careful.” When Paul has a brief fling, things become more complicated—particularly when Teresa informs him she has been diagnosed with an STD.


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Teresa & Luis
Teresa meets Luis at the restaurant where she works. He asks her out, and she agrees. She is surprised at how quickly things heat up. Cautious after a past STD diagnosis, Teresa insists they use a condom despite Luis’ initial resistance. Only then does the hunt to find a condom begin.



Ruben & Tim
Ruben is in a long-term relationship with Cristina. While out at a bar, Ruben meets Tim, single after a recent breakup. They share a few drinks, one thing leads to another and Tim and Ruben have a casual sexual encounter. Several days later, Cristina observes Ruben’s symptoms of an STD. Angry and hurt, a clinic visit ensues.




Credits: Mileend Films - Safe in The City, viewable online at ​​​

Last updated on 04 Jul 2018
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