The ThinPrep Pap Test
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 The ThinPrep Pap Test

 The ThinPrep Pap Test

Pap Smear

What is a Pap Smear o​r Pap Test?

The Pap Smear or Pap Test is a screening test has been successful in finding signs of cervical cancer or cells that may turn into cancer cells in the future. It was invented 50 years ago and has remained unchanged since then.

How is the Thinprep Pap Test different from the conventional Pap Smear Test?

The cells are still collected in the same way; there is no additional discomfort. Now, instead of smearing the cells on a glass slide, the doctor will rinse the cells into a vial filled with a preservation solution. This procedure ensures that the cells are more readily released into the liquid, capturing virtually all of the cells.

The ThinPrep Pap Test is the first real improvement to the Pap Smear since it was introduced 50 years ago. This new test gives a new level of confidence in the reliability of your results. Be in control of your own body and ask your doctor/nurse for a ThinPrep Pap Test today!

The ThinPrep Pap Test is available at DSC Clinic. For more details on our clinic charges, please click here.

Last updated on 10 Dec 2013
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