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 SMS Results Service

 SMS Results Service

SMS Results Release Service

The DSC Clinic provides an SMS service to inform patients of their laboratory results (except Pap Smear, Hepatitis A , Hepatitis C and non-standard laboratory results) 

You may need to wait between 2 to 3 weeks for your results to be ready.

Please refer to the following SMS messages you might receive:

1. Message (Normal result)​
   "All your laboratory test results are normal. DO NOT SMS. DSC"
2. Message (Abnormal result)
   "Please call us at 62939648 for an appointment to discuss your lab results. Asking you to visit us                does not mean there is a problem. DO NOT SMS. DSC"
​Hepatitis B Message
1. Message (Immune to Hepatitis B)
    "You are immune to Hepatitis B. 
      Immunisation is NOT required.
      DSC Clinic."
2. Message (Not Immune to Hepatitis B)
   "You are not immune to Hepatitis B.
     Immunisation is highly recommended.
     Please call 62939648 for an appointment @ DSC Clinic." 

If you wish to receive your test results through this service. Kindly inform the patient service associate (PSA) at the billing counter.

Do remember that asking you to visit us does not necessarily mean there is a problem. We may just need to discuss some test results with you. Not all your laboratory results are normal/negative and you would need to return to the DSC Clinic either for treatment, a re-test or simply a session with the health advisor to understand your test results better.

For other non-standard laboratory test results, they can only be released to you in person. You are required to return to the clinic to collect your test results.

In the event that you have requested for the service but did not receive an SMS, it is possibe that you may have missed the SMS that has been sent to you earlier. We regret to inform you that we are un-able to resend the SMS as your record would have been closed. Please return to DSC Clinic and our health advisors woud be able to assist you with your results.

Please note that we cannot give detailed SMS results due to confidentiality reasons. If you would like to know the details, kindly visit the DSC Clinic.​

Last updated on 03 Dec 2019
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