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 Pharmacy Services

 Pharmacy Services

Located on the 1st floor of the clinic, the DSC Clinic pharmacy stocks a range of medications specially to treat sexually transmitted infections. DSC sexual health specialist physicians can obtain information on drug allergies and medication ingredients from the pharmacy. It also provides medication counselling to assist patients in using their medications correctly.

With the electronic medication record (EMR), the DSC Clinic pharmacy functions in a script-less environment. After consultation, all prescriptions are sent electronically to the pharmacy so medications can be prepared ahead of patient’s arrival.
Besides providing drug information service, sale of retail items are also available to our patients and the public at an affordable rate.

 The following retail items are for sale without doctor's prescription needed: 

Item Description​​ Pricing (incl GST)
Aqual Gel Lubricating Jelly 42g
​KY Jelly 50g ​$4.21
Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene Liquid 250ml $13.60
​Lactacyd Liquid 250ml ​$13.60
Safeway Lubricated Non-Spermicidal Condoms 144s $31.40
Soft Touch 5.5 Minus (Dermatological Cleanser) 500ml  $10.00

Please note that all medication refills require a prescription issued by our specialist physicians. If you have completed your prescribed dosage and require additional dosing, please contact our pharmacy for assistance. You may be required to consult a doctor who will re-assess your condition and provide the appropriate prescription based on your health status.​​​​

Last updated on 24 Aug 2015
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