Patient Education and Counselling
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Patient Care

 Patient Education and Counselling

 Patient Education and Counselling

Patient Education

Our team of health advisors aim to address any concerns or questions patients might have about their sexual health, or the tests that they have recently done.

For patients who return to the DSC Clinic for collection of results, our health advisors will also go through the results, and share valuable information on how to manage the results or protect yourself from future infections.

To assist the public in managing their queries about their sexual health or risks, the DSC Clinic hotline (1800 252 1324) is available from Mondays to Fridays, from 8am to 11am and 1pm to 5pm. Our friendly health advisors will be happy to assist you if you have any questions regarding your sexual health.

Counselling and Financial Assistance

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Financial Counselling

The DSC Clinic provides financial assistance to patients who face difficulties in managing their clinic bills. Our counsellor will assess your socio-economic situation and make appropriate recommendations on how the DSC Clinic can provide assistance.​


Those who are anxious of their results or diagnosis, facing other difficulties, or requiring emotional and/or psychological support can choose to see the counsellor. Talking to a counsellor may help ease your anxieties faced during your visit to the DSC Clinic.

Psychotherapy Counselling Services

phsychotherapy pic for website.jpg Starting July 2018, DSC will offer professional sexual health counselling by a Psychotherapist. 

Patients who would like to receive counselling support in dealing with their relationship and sexual concerns, are encouraged to approach our staff for information or to book  an appointment. Some likely topics include

·         Relationship issues with your partner,

·         Coping with life stressors and transitions,

·         Coping after a STI diagnosis,

·         Discuss  risk-taking behaviours such as drug use and unprotected sex,

·         Exploring gender specific sexual issues,

·         LGBTQ specific issues, etc

Each psychotherapy session lasts 45 minutes and is charged at $30, Patients in financial difficulty can apply for financial assistance if needed. 

A few sessions with our psychotherapist will help you gain clarity, and work through those issues that are troubling you.  All sessions are fully non-judgemental and supportive.

Please check with our staff on the service during your consultation or your visits at DSC Clinic
Last updated on 19 Feb 2020
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