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 Book An Appointment

 Book An Appointment

Due to the current Covid-19 situation,  We recommend all patients to book an appointment through the various modes available. 

To make an appointment, please fill in the Online Appointment Form or alternatively, you may wish to call 62939648 or drop us an email at to book an appointment. 

The appointment call center is opened every Monday to Friday from 8am - 12pm and 1pm to 5pm.


 Our appointment staff will contact you within 3 to 4 working days to confirm your appointment slot. 

If you have not visited the DSC Clinic before, you will be required to provide the following information:
  • Full Name as Per  NRIC / Work Permit / Passport For Tourist Only
  • Your NRIC/ FIN Number / Passport Number only appicable For Tourist
  • Gender [Male / Female]
  • Marital Status - Single / Married / Divorce 
  • Date of Birth : Date / Month / Year . Sample  01 Feb 1990 
  • Local Valid Phone Number 
  • Local Address in Singapore 
  • Your Preferred Appointment Date & Time : (Please state if your preferred session ie morning or afternoon session, all requests are subjected to availability)
  • Remarks : Please kindly state the reason(s) ie. Pain, Ulcers, Discharge, Contact Cases, Gardasil Vaccination, General STI check, PrEP, PEP, Repeat Prescriptions etc
Please be assured that the information collected is strictly confidential. A confirmatory email will be sent once the appointment is booked.   
All patients with an appointment are strongly advised to attend the clinic on time and to arrange for a reschedule if you are unable to attend your appointment.
Urgent Cases ​Without Appointments

DSC sees patients by appointments only. We will make every effort to provide timely medical care to all our patients. If you arrive at our clinic as a walk-in, please understand that you will be assessed by our staff if you would require same day medical attention. There will also be a $5 walk-in fee payable and you will only be seen after all appointment patients. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, you may be asked to schedule an appointment on another day if your condition does not require immediate medical attention. 
We seek your kind understanding as we work towards providing you and all our patients a comfortable visit to our clinic. 
Should you require urgent medical assistance, you may visit your GP clinic or the nearest polyclinic or nearby A & E departments..
Will I Get to See the Doctor at the Given Time Slot?

The time slot given is estimated based on the number of patients to be seen before you. It may change if the doctor takes a little longer to see each patient, depending on the complexity of their medical conditions. Patients may also not be called in sequence depending on their medical conditions.
We value our patients and understand that time is valuable. We are always looking for ways to improve our waiting time and manage the rapid growth of new patients in our clinic.
Thank you for your patience with us.

Things to Bring 
 On your visit to the DSC Clinic, please bring the following original documents for registration:
  • - NRIC / Employment Pass / Work Permit / Student Pass / Passport (Only Tourist)
  • - Referral letter from Polyclinic / GP Clinic / Hospital (if any)
  • -  Any medical benefit identification documents (e.g. Civil Service Card, Medical Benefits Card, etc.)

  • No Una​uthorised Photography / Recording
  • To prevent a breach of or compromise of privacy, confidentiality, security and safety of patients. staff, students, associates, visitors and/or the institution, unauthorised photography and/or audio/video recording using any device is strictly prohibited within the premises.

  •  Clinic Registration Hours 

DSC Clinic Registration Hours
Public Clinic*




Monday to Friday
Morning Session
8am – 11am
Afternoon Session
1pm – 4pm
Late Afternoon Session (Thursday)
4pm - 5.30pm

Women’s Clinic (Level 2)

(Women's Clinic Service will be suspended till further notice)
With effect from 3rd Jan 2020, the Women's Clinic registration hours will be as follow:

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 
1pm – 4pm
Evening Clinic*

(Evening Clinic Services will be suspended till further notice)
Monday & Friday
4pm – 6.00pm
(Strictly by Appointment only)
Please note that DSC operates by appointments and patients are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with us. Walk-in patients are only seen under emergency situations.
​If you wish to make an appointment, please visit our Appointment Booking page.
We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. 
In case of emergencies outside of our operating hours, please visit the nearest  A&E Department.​
*The Public Clinic  accepts both male and female patients.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​**All new cases and existing patients who have not seen a doctor for more than 2 years will be required to see the doctor for consultation​​​
Last updated on 30 Mar 2021
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