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Patient Care

 Within DSC Clinic Doors

 Within DSC Clinic Doors

​Walking through the DSC Clinic doors

What you can expect when you visit the DSC Clinic:


Our friendly patient service associates will assist you in your registration process. Please bring along your NRIC, work permit, employment pass or passport when you visit us. R​​es​t assured that your medical records will be kept confidential in DSC.

However, under the Infectious Diseases Act, a positive test for HIV is notifiable to the Ministry of Health. For more information on HIV testing, please click here.

Seeing a Nurse

We have friendly, well trained, and experienced male and female nurses. Male patients will be seen by a male nurse, and female patients will be seen by a doctor first due to the different tests required.

Please note, male patients who are experiencing pain when peeing, are advised not to pee for 4 hours before your appointment so test results will be accurate.

You will feel confident with our staff; they are dedicated to making sure that you receive the best service possible.

Seeing a Doctor

The DSC Clinic has an experienced, non-judgmental and friendly team of doctors. We strive to provide you with the highest professional medical care throughout your visit at our clinic.

Sometimes it may be uncomfortable to talk to a doctor about your sexual history, but our doctors want to help you and need your honesty to do this. Please talk to the doctor about any concerns or questions you have - our doctor is happy to help you with any sexual health issues. The doctor may need to do a physical check, and organise tests.

Patient Information

Only at the DSC Clinic are there health advisors, who are specially trained to give sexual health information in simple, every day language.

They can also help you with difficult matters such as how to tell previous or current partners that you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and they need to get tested too. This is called contact tracing. Click here to read more about contact tracing.


Having an STI can be very upsetting for some people. We have counsellors available to support with listening, and practical advice.

Counsellors can also help if you have difficulty in paying for your DSC bills.

In-house Testing Service

We have our own lab to run most of the STI tests so you can have affordable and accurate test results. The lab has been accredited with the ISO 15189 Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme since 2007.

A Dose of Good Health

Your final stop will be at our clinic’s subsidised pharmacy. Medicine is available at an affordable rate.

We also have a pharmacy technician available to make sure you have all the information you need.

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