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 About DSC Clinic

 About DSC Clinic

Department of Sexually Transmitted Infections Control

DSC (or Department of Sexually Transmitted Infections Control) Clinic is a specialist outpatient clinic for the diagnosis, treatment and control of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in Singapore.


Adding years of healthy life to the people of Singapore


Our mission is to be the national and regional referral centre of excellence for the diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections. We are committed to provide cost-effective and specialized care of STI/STDs in a setting of intensive medical research, quality education and patient safety.

Quality Policy

  • Providing world class care in Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI, commonly known as STD).
  • Always sensitive and compassionate to our patient’s needs.
  • Always a leader in STI/STD education and research


We are committed to the practice of medicine compatible with the highest professional and ethical standards. The DSC Clinic is funded by the Ministry of Health, Singapore, enabling us to provide our services at an affordable rate.

Our services are provided by a team of professionals dedicated to the management of STIs. We have consultant STI specialists as well as physicians-in-training. As the DSC Clinic is involved in the teaching of medical undergraduates and postgraduates, there may be students undergoing training at times. Permission of their presence will be sought and your preference will be respected.

Do be assured that your medical information will be strictly kept confidential. Any request for the release of your health information will require your consent. There will not be any forms of information sharing with any external parties, including the Ministry of Health, Singapore.

NB: Ministry of Health only requires reporting of absolute numbers of Sexually Transmitted Infections from our clinic, for trending and statistics purposes. Your particulars will not be released for this reporting.

Under the Infectious Diseases Act, a positive test for HIV is notifiable to the Ministry of Health. For more information on HIV testing, please click here​.

Our Service Strategy

To deliver visible consistent good service to our patients.
Our service values: We CARE


Posses professional knowledge, provide pleasant environment, project professional image


Acknowledge the customer, anticipate needs, assist with alternatives


Maintain confidentiality, maintain customer dignity, make a point to explain


Be helpful, be caring and be sensitive

As a patient at the DSC Clinic, you will be:

  • Provided with a confidential and non-judgmental clinic environment 
  • Provided with quality services in managing & treating your medical condition, and promotion of your well-being. 
  • Interviewed, examined and treated in privacy. 
  • Informed of your diagnosis, treatment and expected results to empower your participation in the treatment decision and care process. 
  • Given the right to feedback, compliment or complain to the clinic.

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