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Are you facing pressure to engage in sex? Don't really feel like getting there yet? Then brace your courage, and say "NO". 


Find out more about sexual health among youths and what you can do to protect yourself against STIs. 

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General health screening may not be sufficient for you if you are sexually active and have not ever been screened for sexually transmitted infection.

Find information on men's sexual health and STIs in men.

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In many women, STIs may not show any sign or symptom, but if infected, the infection needs to be treated.

Learn about women's sexual health and STIs in women.

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People who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, need to be aware of the ways they can protect their health through all stages of life.

Get more information on sexual health pertaining to LGBTs.

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    • Department of STI Control
    • The DSC Clinic is a specialist outpatient clinic for the diagnosis, treatment and control of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Singapore.
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